Unschooled Homebirth

80. On Fear, Courage & Finding Your Power with Brittany Wittig

June 30, 2023 Tristin / Brittany Wittig Episode 80
Unschooled Homebirth
80. On Fear, Courage & Finding Your Power with Brittany Wittig
Show Notes

Welcome to the last, but far from least, of the wisdom holder episodes I have for you so far this year. I have been eager for this episode to come out for you because it is so relevant and packed with insightful information from a courage coach named Brittany Wittig. Brittany and I met in a business program we both attended and after meeting her, I was so intrigued by her work I started listening to her podcast, called Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet. Then in October 2022, she released an amazing episode that I will link to here titled, How I Faced my Biggest Fear (again…), and there was so much there that resonated with what many women face in pregnancy and birth, and what I see as the root of a lot of dissatisfaction with birth outcomes, and a path to a birth that feels out of your control. So I wanted to invite Brittany on to talk about this revelation she had, on her own medical journey.

We also spent a lot of time talking about fear and courage and the nervous system, because it's an important topic for birth. Brittany also shares some nervous system regulation tools and we talk about getting comfortable with the unknown and the ideas of control and surrender when it comes to unknowns in life and birth. This was such a fun and enlightening conversation and I know you are going to hear some valuable gems from Brittany on how to go to your birth or postpartum with more courage in your life. 

After you listen here, you can connect with Brittany on her instagram @Brittany.Wittig, listen to her podcast, Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet, or take her free class, Discover Your Inner Super Hero.

Useful Links:
Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet: How I Faced my Biggest Fear (again....) to hear her amazing insight about being in the medical system on her podcast
Discover Your Inner Super Hero - Free Masterclass with Brittany
@Brittany.Wittig to connect on IG

Watch now at NaturalBirthCompass.com/FreeClass

After watching this 15 minute video, you will know:

  • What physiologic birth really is and why stages of labor, lists of hormones, and cervical dilation rates are not enough
  • The most common points in labor where tissue damage occurs and how to prevent the causes of tears or episiotomies
  • The difference between being 10 cm and being ready to push


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