Unschooled Homebirth

69. Stillpoint Prenatal Breathwork Workshop Recording

October 14, 2022 Tristin Episode 69
Unschooled Homebirth
69. Stillpoint Prenatal Breathwork Workshop Recording
Show Notes

TLDR: Get the full Stillpoint Prenatal Breathwork Worshop Recording for free at NaturalBirthCompass.com/BreatheFree.

As I've probably mentioned before, one of the most common things I'm asked about is how to breathe for labor and it's always a difficult question for me to answer because, when you're in labor you should breath in the way that feels most natural to you rather than be directed by someone. The problem I've come to realize is, most people aren't breathing properly before pregnancy, and then it's further compromised during pregnancy by the changes that come with growing a baby, so by the time birth arrives, many women have a breathing pattern that leans toward a sympathetic nervous system pattern, also known as fight or flight, which has a place in life, but is not an optimal state for birth, as you will hear in this episode. 

The other concern I've noticed is that many women are being given inaccurate information about what functional breathing looks like and this can lead to an increase in pregnancy related conditions like diastasis recti, pelvic floor dysfunction, even things like sciatica and hemorrhoids can be compromised by less optimal breath practice technique. So I also covered a bit about that in this episode.

Rather than just talk about it here, today I have something a little more for you. I'm excited to share an excerpt of a prenatal breathwork workshop where I had the opportunity to dive in deep to the importance of Air and Breath through the lens of the Triple Spiral of Birth Wisdom, the three spirals being Nature-based Wisdom, where I talk about the nature of air and breath and how it creates our connection with the greater world we are within, then the second spiral of Ancestral Wisdom where I shared about how we breathe and how to optimize breath, and the third pillar, Alchemical Wisdom where we did some Qi Gong movement to open the respiratory passageways followed by two of my favorite breathwork practices, Three Dantian Breathing and Stillpoint Breathing to Unlock the Subconscious. 

 Here on the podcast, I will be sharing the first half of the recording, which focuses on and how we can consciously use our breath to regulate our nervous system and to access our subconscious mind in preparation for birth as well as the first spiral of Nature-based wisdom and the second spiral, Ancestral Wisdom until the workshop  reaches a point where you will probably want the video to follow along with the experiential aspect.

 So if you would like the full video recording, I am happy to share that it's available for free at NaturalBirthCompass.com/BreatheFree.

Watch now at NaturalBirthCompass.com/FreeClass

After watching this 15 minute video, you will know:

  • What physiologic birth really is and why stages of labor, lists of hormones, and cervical dilation rates are not enough
  • The most common points in labor where tissue damage occurs and how to prevent the causes of tears or episiotomies
  • The difference between being 10 cm and being ready to push


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