Unschooled Homebirth

Podcast Update - Things Look a Little Different!

May 26, 2022 Tristin
Unschooled Homebirth
Podcast Update - Things Look a Little Different!
Show Notes

Welcome to this quick update about the podcast. It's been a couple years since I started this podcast to create a space for sharing ideas about birth that were a little unconventional. While it has been a journey so far, I have recently been feeling called to rebrand this podcast to something that resonates more specifically with the range of concepts I talk about here, and I was struck with some inspiration for that, so what was the Journey to Homebirth podcast is now the Unschooled Homebirth podcast. 

Why unschooled? Well, I am anything but untrained in birth at this point, having completed a birth educator certification, holistic doula certification, a year long intensive birthkeeper and family advocate training with the amazing Whapio of the Matrona, and countless prenatal acupuncture courses and working with families for nearly 15 years, so unschooled isn't in regard to the information provided here. 

The spirit I'm trying to capture is that birth isn't about following textbooks, it's not about following science or evidence, those are all good things, but there's something so much deeper, fundamental truths that science can't yet explain, but are even more valid than science when it comes to the natural facts of birth.

I'm hoping this change will reflect that this podcast isn't about the regular birth stuff, there's already great podcasts for that, so you won't hear an entire episode here dedicated to natural methods of induction, because instead I talk about how we need to harmonize with nature's cycle to understand timing of labor and how to take cues from nature about induction if it's needed. You won't hear an entire episode dedicated to best postpartum practices, because instead I talk about the heart connection and the importance of the West guiding energetic of Earth energy you are developing with your baby during this time and the sacredness of that time. 

This podcast isn't about quick tips that only work for half the moms, instead it's a way to unschool yourself from the mainstream information so you can be open to exploring your own unique experience through the lens of nature, nature that is true for all of us, not just some of us. 

My sources are philosophy, spirituality, life and cultural studies, which comes across as unconventional methods, but in the years I've been doing this, it's these methods that have provided my clients the opportunity to experience the most profound births and develop deep bonds in their families as they expand into greater versions of themselves by doing the deep work that comes with the transformation of each pregnancy and birth. This doesn't come from learning the same old birth information.

Initially, I taught the same old stuff as I was taught in my educator courses, the same stuff everyone is teaching, and it was mostly luck whether a family had a good outcome or not, but that wasn't good enough for me. So I stopped teaching until I uncovered the deep truths that I found through ancient philoso

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After watching this 15 minute video, you will know:

  • What physiologic birth really is and why stages of labor, lists of hormones, and cervical dilation rates are not enough
  • The most common points in labor where tissue damage occurs and how to prevent the causes of tears or episiotomies
  • The difference between being 10 cm and being ready to push


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